A Razor, A Shiny Knife

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These were a series of dinners recreating the famous Thomas Keller/Grant Achatz 22-course dinners with the supper club A Razor, A Shiny Knife that traveled across the country from New York (12/12-13/08) to Chicago (1/22/09) and San Francisco (1/29/09). Reverse engineering recipes from two of the most innovative and creative chefs in the world was both a true challenge and absolutely hilarious. (Though while we cooked some truly delicious and interesting dishes, I think the Red Velvet “Steak” birthday cake we made for Michael Cirino was perhaps the most inspired!)

You can read more about my adventures with ARASK on their site. Here’s a photo of me and the rest of the ARASK crew in the Alinea kitchen with some of their cooks:

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