Hapa Kitchen Luau

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8/28/09: I’ve recently been experimenting with the economies and challenges of cooking whole animals—turns out that not only is it a better way to support local farmers than buying parts piecemeal, but I look good in photos next to whole animals I’m in the process of cooking! Hawaii is the Hapa motherland, a.k.a. Multirasia, and so to honor the birthplace of the word “Hapa” we decided a summer luau at the BKLYN Yard (where we threw Hapa ‘Cue two months earlier) was in order.

Note that the Gowanus canal is a super fund site, so no cooking anything in the ground that you aren’t trying to reanimate! The solution: 2 Caja Chinas and a spit. Tamarack Hollow Farms provided us with perfectly lovely little piggies for us once again, and Mean Red Productions secured us some tents to keep rain from ruining our good time. We served lots of pork, seaweed seasoned rice, spicy mac salad and pickles. The afterparty consisted of us all lying on the floor of my apartment, drinking beer—I don’t think I even got up to eat some of my own birthday cake. It was back to Tokyo for me the next day.

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