Hapa Kitchen May Day

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Hapa Kitchen’s first dinner was hosted by the Queens County Farm Museum, the only working farm in all of New York City. We partnered with Apple Pond Farm to highlight the deliciousness of their spring lamb and used the pork, eggs and produce from Queens County Farm itself in the meal, and Brooklyn Brewery supplied some amazing beers to serve with the food.

The planning of the dinner involved the conflation of more than a few ideas; Michael the farmer and Cathy were all about erecting a May Pole, and I just cared about the food. The original plan was to have the dinner in the farm’s orchard, but the weather chose not to cooperate and it started raining in the afternoon as we prepped the food, so we ended up serving dinner at the historic farmhouse on the property and it turned out beautifully. Tom, Bryan, Lia and Famous Original Jackie showed up and made things work in the kitchen and the dining rooms—even though we had to carry food from the commercial kitchen, across a yard and past some chickens, and into the farmhouse to serve.

See the May Day dinner menu.

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