Hapa Thanksgiving in Tokyo 2009

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When I was in Tokyo, I wanted to do the reverse Hapa Kitchen in that I wanted to use Japanese ingredients to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Famous Original Jackie and (her then-fiancée, now-husband) Jeff flew out to visit and help cook. There were of course challenges, such as… not having an oven. But there were delightful surprises as well, like learning kimchi buckets are perfect for brining birds and figuring out how to make a smoker out of a terra cotta planter.

Wasabi Deviled Eggs
Kabocha Curry Soup
Sage, Sausage and Japanese Pear Stuffing
Miso Mashed Celery Root
Brined, Soy-Lacquered Smoked Turkey
Cranberry Sauce with Shiso and Mikans
Japanese Sweet Potato Pie

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