Hapa Loving Day 2009

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This menu was so much fun to create. I am a huge fan of Ken Tanabe and his project Loving Day—an annual celebration of the freedom to love and legalization of interracial marriages in America—so when he asked if I would do a fundraiser/birthday dinner for him, I didn’t hesitate. Ken is a Japanese Hapa, we had Asahi happily lined up to sponsor us, plus I was spending a lot of time in Tokyo and totally falling in love with Izakaya cuisine, so it was a perfect trifecta. I paired two dishes with each of the three beers Asahi provided. Hoosic River Poultry provided an abundance of protein (duck, rabbit, chicken and pork ribs!) for us to cook with, and our friend Lisa made Matcha Chocolate Cupcakes to celebrate Ken.

1st and 2nd Courses, paired with Asahi Select

Chicken Fingers (chicken, yuzu and shiso with Bulldog sauce)
Piman Poppers (deep-fried peppers stuffed with ground chicken and scallions)

3rd and 4th Courses, paired with Asahi Super Dry

Sliders (duck burger with arugula, Kewpie and pickled eggplant)
Ribs (soy-flavored spare ribs, steamed and grilled, kabocha mash)

5th and 6th Courses, paired with Asahi Kuronama

Pot pie (Kuronama-braised bunny pot pie)
Mozzarella Sticks (deep-fried tofu stuffed with mozzarella)

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